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Gallery & Studios

We are an inclusive art gallery with two teaching studios. Our focus is on lifelong learning for artists of all abilities, providing art classes and workshops and opportunities for Tasmanian artists to exhibit and sell their work and building a safe and supportive art community.


  • Be kind, be helpful.

  • We look out for each other, and we keep each other safe always.

  • We think being weird is just a little bit awesome.

  • Make art, be happy!


The name Artosaurus was inspired by Declan who is totally obsessed with dinosaurs and art. The concept began with a conversation between Declan’s mum (Sara) who is an artist and her friend (Rhonda) who has worked in Community Services for a long time.


Sara was wondering about what Declan would do when he finished school. There really wasn’t anything available that was going to meet his needs. She was starting to think that she was going to have to build a studio in the backyard for him. Together they thought that a studio they could grow a community around would be a much better thing.

A few months later after a bit of risk, creativity, and perhaps blind naivety and outright denial of what could go wrong, Artosaurus was officially created. We are a community art space with two studios and a gallery.

We are new, we are not sure where we will be in five years but as Dr Who wisely said, “hold tight and pretend it was a plan”. We are holding tight. We hope you join us!


Sara is the Arts Program Director. She has a first class honours degree in fine arts and social science and has taught in the art school at UTAS. As an artist herself she is excited to support everyone in the studios explore their own love of art. Sara coordinates the gallery and the arts program. 

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Rhonda is the Managing Director. She is an experienced leader and manager in the  community services sector and has an MBA with a specialisation in Corporate Governance along with various governance and community service qualifications.

 Rhonda is responsible for the business functions, NDIS program development, community workshops and shop. 

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Image coming as soon as Sara finds a photo that makes her look 10 years younger.

Same as Sara.